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Treatment Programs at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions

Palm Coast Treatment Solutions offers various routes of addiction treatment programs with your specific needs in mind. Our wide range of programs for addiction treatment works to provide a recovery approach that suits you. Furthermore, each patient here is uniquely treated based on an assessment process.

We realize that one of the primary reasons people don’t receive the help they need is because of the lack of treatment options available. Other treatment centers adopt a generic approach that is, sadly, typically ineffective. Finding the best addiction treatment program is the most instrumental step to receiving the personalized care and attention you need.

With numerous options to choose from, it can be confusing. The plethora of options may even cause it to be disheartening when you’re trying to find the right treatment for you. That’s why Palm Coast Treatment Solutions does the work for you.

A treatment specialist on our team will accurately guide you in determining the method of treatment that suits your circumstances. Rest assured, our team will accurately assess the best treatment geared toward your recovery needs. Having an individualized addiction treatment program will empower you with the tools and confidence you need to overcome your struggles.

Other Personalized Therapy Options

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a program designed to mentally retrain negative thought patterns brought about by mental health disorders. This therapy is effective against a wide range of depression, anxiety, and most other mental health conditions.

In cases of mental health, Palm Coast Treatment Solutions understands every mind functions and recovers differently. That’s why the introductory stages of CBT consist of your doctor individually and meticulously assessing your condition and its severity. By establishing this foundation, your specialist can then engineer the necessary steps of recovery in conjunction with your therapy needs.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

The goal of dialectical behavioral therapy is to enable you with behavioral skills and self-control techniques. This type of therapy treats borderline personality disorders that affect mood such as bipolar and depression disorders.

This treatment utilizes the teachings of a coaching specialist to instill positive thoughts and habits into your daily life. DBT has a proven track record of addiction treatment program efficacy for a variety of mental disorders. Eventually, these instituted habits become second nature to keep those addictive behavioral impulses at bay.

Individual Therapy

Some recovery processes require this 1-on-1 approach to tackling your struggles head-on. Individual coaching with a compassionate therapist can be the mentorship you need in your path to sobriety. To a professional at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions, you’re not just a part of the job. You deserve every opportunity for a better and happier life. Having a personal therapist in your corner can open boundless doors and possibilities for a greater future.

Family Therapy

For someone struggling with addiction, sometimes it takes the perspective of those who love you most to open your eyes. Substance abuse can take as much a toll on the mental and physical health of those who love you most. The caring voices of your family in therapy can show you the direct impact that your addictive struggles have on your family.
It’s easy for addiction struggles to overshadow the toll it takes on those around you. Many times it takes hearing those voices in therapy to put things in perspective.

Receive Treatment at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions Today

From the variety of treatment options available, there is a treatment designed for everybody’s individual needs. If you don’t know which one is right for you, there is no need to be overwhelmed. By contacting Palm Coast Treatment Solutions now, they can assess the most effective addiction treatment program for your recovery. By getting to know you, our compassionate addiction treatment specialists can map out your road to recovery and bring you closer to accomplishing all your sobriety goals.



Hear from a few of the many clients whom have found success and freedom from addiction by utilizing the Palm Coast Recovery Solutions Program for Recovery

Jeff B.

Welcoming staff...

When I came to Palm Coast Treatment Solutions all the team had open arms and were very welcoming. Love the staff here, they’ll help you out if you need anything. The groups are amazing, I learned a lot of new things that will help me out in the future, great tools plus the housing is really nice and feels like you’re at home. Only two people to a room, unlike most programs where there are 3 or more.

Dan A.

Amazing experience...

Came to Florida for treatment at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions about 5 months ago and it has been an amazing experience that changed my life. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to get my life back on track. I was able to build a life in recovery and a community of friends, so I decided to stay in the area after completing the program. They helped me find a job, work on saving money and helped me locate a place to live close by with other sober individuals. I need help with a lot of things, including getting sober and the team was supportive every step of the way. I still hang out with everyone from the program and even go over for Friday dinners each week!

Jeremy W.

Extremely helpful...

I’ve been here a month, its been really enlightening. good therapy sessions with Rachel. Really good techs, appreciate Ryan and Daniel for always being there and extremely helpful.

Chris L.

The greatest things to happen to me...

Palm Coast Treatment Solutions was one of the greatest things to happen to me. By myself I was unable to get sober, but wanted it and was recommended this program from a close friend. The house is a beautiful home that sits right on the water and has everything a guy could ask for and more. Each and every one of the staff members has had an impact on my life and I continue to stay in touch with them regularly. The program can give you as much as you give it, for me it’s a whole new perspective on life that I’ve always wanted. For anyone out there that looking for a new lease on life, I highly encourage you to consider Palm Coast Treatment Solutions, you will not regret it.

Linda S.

Godsend for our family...

Palm Coast Treatment Solutions was a godsend for our family. Their extended program, based on not only counseling but also activities that help with learning to replace dependence on substances with new behaviors, provides the time and structure needed to rewire the brain and learn that life can be so much better with sobriety. The staff is caring and committed, and they work to provide life lessons that help with moving forward once the program is completed. We would highly recommend Palm Coast Treatment Solutions for any individual or family searching for a program and people who can help someone willing to do the work necessary to begin on their path of sobriety.

Amanda P.

Wonderful experience...

If you are a parent who is lost, exhausted, emotionally spent and are looking for an answer for your son Palm Coast Treatment Solutions was our answer. We were at our wits end in dealing with trying to get our son the proper help and guidance to lead him to a life of sober living when Palm Coast Treatment Solutions was recommended to us. From the day we dropped our son off on 3/8/23 until today (7/8/23) our son has experienced a wonderful sober life. Hunter, Ryan and the entire Palm Coast Treatment Solutions staff gave him everything he needed to turn his life around. They provided him with a safe, caring place to live. Gave him responsibility. Taught him to care for himself and helped him find hope. During his time at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions our son found purpose again and began to actually look forward to the future (something he couldn’t say back in early 2022). We are forever grateful to Palm Coast Treatment Solutions for literally helping him save his life. The battle will never be over and our son has had to deal with adversity along the way. But I fully believe in my heart that he can continue to be the best version of himself, which is a sober existence. If you are looking to help a friend, a loved one, whoever is in a battle with addition, I strongly encourage you to call Palm Coast Treatment Solutions.

Heather H. (Interventionist)

Truly incredible and rewarding...

The transformations I’ve seen in the clients at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions is truly incredible and rewarding. I’ve been an interventionist for over 15 years and have been utilizing Palm Coast Treatment Solutions, when clinically appropriate, for five years. I’ve been witness to the knowledge, wisdom, and outstanding care the therapists and staff provide to every person who walks in. You won’t find a team who is as knowledgeable, empathetic, and fun as this crew! I’m so glad to have found this phenomenal team and get to witness the lives radically changed while supporting their families.

Mike C.

Saved my life...

Palm Coast Treatment Solutions has saved my life. They are the kindest staff and hold your best interest at heart. Hunter is amazing and willing to work with you through your treatment so that you are comfortable and can manage an outside schedule as well. Ryan is a great tech who always checks in on his client’s well-being and ensures that they are being offered the appropriate care. I owe my sobriety to Palm Coast Treatment Solutions and highly recommend it for anyone trying to get sober and clean.

Shawn V.

Best treatment center in Florida...

Absolutely hands down the best treatment center in Florida. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure the best experience for the clients. I know there are lots of options in the industry, but this place is light years ahead of anyone else. If you or your loved one is looking for results, this is the place.

Jeffrey L.

Amazing experience that changed my life...

Came to Florida for treatment at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions about 5 months ago and it has been an amazing experience that changed my life. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to get my life back on track. I now have a community of friends, so I decided to stay in the area after completing the program. I needed help with a lot of things, including getting sober and the team was supportive every step of the way. I cherish the support and friendships made during my stay at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions.

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