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Outpatient Treatment at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions

A typical outpatient program is an introductory or limited level of care that requires limited time with a treatment specialist. This limited outpatient treatment is considered aftercare treatment, which is treatment received upon finishing a previous treatment program. Most who receive this level of care have already completed an IOP or PHP outpatient program. By helping establish lessons learned in recovery, your newly acquired habits will independently become second nature.

Even at its lowest form of treatment, you’ll see that your well-being is what matters most to our dedicated therapists. Outpatient treatment and other personalized outpatient programs cover a wide range of options from detoxification to recovery and aftercare. With a variety of outpatient program options to choose from, there is certain to be a treatment option for you. A specialist from our facility will compassionately guide you to a therapy program that helps your sobriety thrive. Allow the options below to be your blueprint for a better life.

What is an Outpatient Program?

Outpatient programs offer treatment that does not take place in the facility but in a more relaxed setting. This treatment offers flexibility in maintaining a normal schedule, while still magnifying the personability and focus of your sobriety. It also provides financial flexibility through numerous methods of affordability.

No path to sobriety is the same addiction struggles affect everyone differently. That is among the numerous reasons we take each addiction seriously. Rest assured, all of the outpatient programs provided exhibit our high standard of individualized treatment solutions.

Types of Outpatient Programs

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP care ensures a dedicated professional is at your side through every step of the process. The personal in-depth coaching techniques of this therapy make this the most involved form of outpatient treatment available.

This treatment is especially effective for those suffering from severe addiction or mental health conditions. With hands-on training and coaching from a medical professional, you can achieve the level of sobriety you deserve. If you believe a more intensive treatment approach is for you, speak with a specialist about PHP care options today.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

An intensive outpatient program, or IOP, helps apply the habits and lessons learned throughout your treatment to your daily life. Intensive outpatient therapy requires minimized coaching and a less hands-on approach than PHP. This type of treatment has all the benefits of PHP but requires less time commitment to sessions. If you are nearing recovery status or have achieved sobriety, this may be your solution for a complete recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

A traditional outpatient program provides the most minimal form of outpatient care without sacrificing dedication to your needs. However, unlike IOP or PHP, this treatment does not provide 24/7 access to a therapy specialist. This less involved form of outpatient care provides your treatment on your terms. This traditional therapy is a good way to keep and maintain well-rounded sobriety.

Though not always the case, outpatient treatment is usually for those with less severe symptoms of addiction and mental health. Though not as involved as other outpatient programs, you will receive the same degree of compassion and dedication to your sobriety as this treatment allows. Regardless of the outpatient program, your sobriety desires and needs always come first at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions.

Support Groups

Being in a setting with others who can personally relate to your struggles provides additional encouragement for your recovery. Many individuals in these groups share wisdom and tools that have worked on their road to sobriety. Hearing the stories of others who share your burdens can help you work out your recovery in correlation with your therapy sessions.

How Long Does Outpatient Treatment Last?

The most limited outpatient programs typically require 9 hrs or less per week, making it easily adaptable to your schedule. You can spread these sessions throughout the week on your terms and at your own pace. This is the most flexible and affordable outpatient program.

What are the Benefits of Outpatient Treatment?

Numerous benefits make themselves evident in this traditional outpatient program. These mentally and physically alleviating benefits also make themselves glaringly evident to those around you and in a social environment. Just one of these benefits is a good reason to act upon an outpatient treatment program now.

Relapse Prevention

In this outpatient program, new habits and thought processes learned in your recovery are firmly solidified to prevent relapse. With the assistance of a medical professional through a meticulous process, these thought processes eventually become second nature. This also further progresses the newly acquired habits you instituted to replace the old unhealthy ones.

Continued Sobriety

Outpatient treatment establishes a desire to continue in sobriety even when treatment is no longer necessary. Outpatient treatment can ensure you are independently capable of continuing in sobriety without medical assistance.


Perhaps the most overlooked yet most important factor of maintaining sobriety is encouragement and support in your recovery. Progress acknowledgment from your friends at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions will give you all the positive reinforcement for your continued recovery.

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It’s important for you to see firsthand that you are not alone in your battle with addiction. It’s even more vital for you to believe wholeheartedly that you are not alone. Support groups and other helpful resources provide strength in numbers with a supportive team to help you through.

Outpatient Treatment at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions

Right now, you hold the key and Palm Coast Treatment Solutions is the door giving you the opportunity for a sober life. All that’s left for you to do is open the door to a better life. There is no time to waste and no reason to wait. Unfortunately, that is a common theme that only leads one deeper into addiction strongholds.

Now is the time. More importantly, now is your time to take that first step toward a bright and joyous future. Find your solution now at Palm Coast Treatment Solutions.


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